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A message from our Founder

A few years ago, a loved one was diagnosed with cancer. Watching someone that you care about suffer through the physical and emotional toll of cancer can be heart-wrenching. Hoping to help her regain some of her confidence, I purchased wigs for her since she started to lose her hair from chemotherapy treatments. It was incredibly rewarding to help her feel more like herself again during that difficult time, but she unfortunately passed away several months later. While this was my first experience purchasing wigs, I had no idea how it would benefit my future self.

Two years later, I suddenly began to lose my own hair. As a confident and enthusiastic working-class woman, I became terrified and immediately sought medical attention. While doctors performed various tests to determine the root cause of my condition, I started to search for solutions, including looking into hair extensions and wigs. During this process, I thought of my loved one that had passed and how losing her hair from chemotherapy treatments made her feel. I remembered how she regained her confidence whenever she put her wig on. It had the exact same effect on me as well. Thankfully, doctors were able to diagnose and treat my condition, but the experience left a lasting impact on me. Pure Lux Tresses is my opportunity to do something for individuals, who are also going through hair loss due to different
circumstances. It's an opportunity to put smiles on people’s faces just as it
did for my loved one during her battle with cancer. Though she is no longer with us, I’m inspired and touched by her beauty, vulnerability, sheer determination, and undeniable grace.

That is why Pure Lux Tresses has partnered with Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation to donate exceptional quality wigs to individuals suffering from cancer. Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation provides support and resources to those negatively affected by breast cancer. They work to alleviate the burden experienced by women receiving breast cancer treatment by providing wigs, bras, prosthesis, and post-surgical garments.

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